Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Essay on Importance of Computer in our life

Essay on Importance of Computer in our life

Essay on Importance of Computer
Computer is an intelligent machine. It can analyze, calculate, and process any given data with immense speed. It can store a large number of information. In the beginning, computers were the size of a room but now they are reduced to lap top or even credit-card formats with vast possibilities. Computers are capable of handling large amounts of data in a very short time and space. Now, computer is being used in all fields of life. 

Computer has truly made the world a global village through internet. Internet is a web of links and sites. It is possible for a man to access any website and link any mail address. Websites contain massive knowledge and information on diverse subjects. Internet streams torrent of knowledge and information in every corner of the world. It contributes a lot to the awareness of man. Modern communication networks owe much to computer.

Today most of the machines are computerized. Computer controls their performance, productive capacity and standard. It has revolutionized manufacturing, designing, printing and engineering. It is the very core of other intelligent machines. It is also being used in modern military arsenals. It increases reliability, precision and accuracy of weapons. Today, it is getting more common to have a computer at home. You can use a personal computer to keep household-budgets or other economics. It is also possible to get in touch with your bank and transfer money while you're in your sitting-room. It is possible to contact other databases and gather information from them. Computer is also a means of entertainment. You can watch movies and listen to music on it. Many games can be installed in it. These games allow kids to come into contact with latest technology at an early age. They learn its basic functions. 

Unfortunately, computer, like other scientific invention, is misused. Most of the young people waste their precious time in playing games, watching movies and in vain chatting. They must be guided to avoid its harms. It is very encouraging that present Punjab Govt is promoting computer education in the province. It will bring IT revolution. It will educate the young ones to have its positive use and progress in the world. 



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