Friday, 13 April 2018

Essay on Abuses of Science

Essay on Abuses of Science

Essay on Abuses of Science
Science is a great power. It works wonder. The present modern life owes much to science. However, science is a two edged weapon. Its wise use facilitates man but its unwise use endangers his existence. Unfortunately, it is happening today. Indiscreet exploit of science has made the world extremely unsafe for life.
Science has developed terrible means of destruction like nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Big powers of the world have thousands of WMDs. If they are used, life from the earth will be exterminated within seconds. The world is doomed with ideological clashes which are drawing the use of such weapons near. It will turn the world into an Inferno.
With the help of science, man is living in the machine age. Machines work for him and benefit him in every field of life. But man is paying a heavy price of luxury in the form of pollution. Almost all kind of mills and factories discharge poisonous substances and gases. They pollute air, land and water. Vehicles emit dangerous gases like carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide. These gases increase the temperature of the earth and harm ozone layer. As a result, man is falling a prey to various diseases. Moreover, the ice of glaciers is melting due to rising temperature and sea level is coming up. It is feared that in a few centuries, many coastal areas will sink in the ocean. If temperature goes on increasing, the whole world will sink in water.
Scientific attitude distances man from religion. He hankers after earthly ambitions and ignores Hereafter life. He is spiritually empty. As a result, he has facilities but no peace of mind. He remains tense, depressed and frustrated. Spiritual shallowness makes him savage; hence, today the world is blood-bathed.  He lives in a world in which various machines are at work. He himself has become a gadget of machine. It is a setback of modern scientific life that matter wins the mind.
Social and moral values are also tumbling under scientific advance. The days of his care free life are gone. He is too busy to keep social contacts with others. Man spends a fast and mechanical life in which, as a poet says,
 We have no time to stand and stare.
As a result, he remains tense and depressed. He has comforts but no peace of mind. In this way, reckless use of science has multiplied his miseries.



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