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An Election scene essay in english

An Election scene essay in english

An Election scene essay in english
Elections are life and soul of the democratic system of government. In India we have democracy. Democracy is the government of the people, for the people, by the people. In a democracy people from the kind of government they want to rule them. Elections provide them the opportunity to do so. In India elections are held after every five years.

When elections are held in our country the scene is very exciting. Meetings are held, processions are taken out and representatives of different parties with placards go from door to door folding their hands asking them to vote for their candidates.

Last year, M.L.A. of our constituency died. Election was to be held to elect a new M.L.A. The candidates of the Congress party, Janta Party and Bhartiya Janta Party were in the fray. The parties were canvassing in favor of their candidates. Flags of the tree parties should be seen at all important centers. If father canvassed for the one party, his son could be seen canvassing for the other.

A day before the polling day all canvassing was stopped. At some distance from the polling station, the three parties had pitched their tents. They had lists of the voters of their respective areas. The voters were going to the tents of the parties of their liking. The workers were helping them in finding out their serial numbers. These workers gave them slips to assist them in voting.

With these slips the voters went to the polling booths. They stood in long queues. There was a separate booth for the ladies. They were standing in their colorful dresses. Scene was very beautiful. Each voter showed the slip to the polling officer, who compared it to the serial number of the list and then put a mark with indelible ink on his forefinger and gave him a ballot-paper. There was privacy in the booth. The voter put the seal against the name of the candidate he wanted to vote and he put this ballot paper into the ballot box after properly folding it.

This process continued up to 5 O’ clock. At 5.30 p.m. the voting was almost over. Then the polling officers sealed the ballot boxes and other relevant records. The police van came and collected the ballot boxes to take to the collectorate for counting.



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