Saturday, 31 March 2018

students indiscipline is a burning problem essay

students indiscipline is a burning problem essay

students indiscipline is a burning problem
“ Wise men preach discipline, great man practice it, while fools defy it.”
The problem of indiscipline among students has become a common feature of our society and educational life. There are strikes and agitations all over the country. Reports of indiscipline strikes and unhappy incidents often come from colleges and universities. In fact the growing problem of indiscipline is a cancer in the body of education. If world is building its foundation is discipline. Life without it is like a ship without rudder.

The chief cause of indiscipline among students is our defective system of education. The students do not find suitable employments after completing their education. Thousands of graduates are coming out of colleges and universities every year. They find all the doors of employment locked. This position makes them unhappy.

Secondly our schools and colleges are overcrowded. Hence there is no personal touch between the teacher and the taught.
In society young boys and girls see their elders behaving in an indisciplined way. They see many things in cinema and practice it in class-rooms. They see many indisciplined things going on in the society. They practice what they see around them. Thus social conditions are also responsible for this growing indiscipline among the students.

The dominant cause of students indiscipline is politics. The student leaders are attached with different political parties. The leaders of political parties exploit the students for the selfish ends.

The cinema is also one of the cause of indiscipline among the students. From cinema they learn many evils. They follow film actors and actresses in their dress, habits, romance and scuffles.

It is suggested that our colleges and universities should give proper training in discipline. Discipline is taught in schools and colleges. The system of education should be reformed. Students should remain busy every time. Parents, teachers and politicians should present good examples of discipline before the students. Moral education should be given to them. The students should be kept away from politics. Proper arrangement should be made in colleges for co-curricular activities in order to keep the students busy. Suitable jobs must be provided for the educated young men. Reservations must vanish. Able persons should be appointed as teachers.



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