Wednesday, 28 March 2018

essay on cricket match for 10th class

essay on cricket match for 10th class

Games play an important part in our life. In fact games are very essential for health and health is wealth. Sound body and sound mind go hand in hand. Games help us both physically and mentally. Cricket is one of the most popular outdoor games. It is an English game but very popular in India. It is more interesting than hockey or football. It is a game of two teams with eleven players on each side played with a long bat and a hard ball.

The game of cricket is very interesting. I like this game very much. I once got a chance to witness a cricket match on our college ground. Last year in the month of November our college played a cricket match against the team of D.S. Inter College, Aligarh on our college ground.

The weather was very fine. Flags were fixed on boundary lines. The spectators were sitting all round on benches and chairs. At one end there was the score board on which a man was writing the runs made by the players. Both the teams came in the playground in time. The players were in their college uniforms. Two umpires also came there. The match began at the right time. The captains of both the teams came forward and shook hands. Then there was a toss. Our captain won the toss and opted to bat. The other team took the field.

Our captain and Kundan came as the opening batsmen. Our captain hit several boundaries. They both played very well. After two hours our captain was caught behind the cricket. He scored eighty runs. Then Suresh came in to play but he was out very soon. Our whole team was out at two hundred and sixty runs. Then the Aligarh team started to bat. Kundan and Sohan were our bowlers. They bowled fast. In the first over the players of Aligarh made ten runs and we became nervous. The opening batsmen scored hundred and sixty runs. But soon a batsman was declared leg out by the umpire. He alone made a century. After this the captain came. He was a very good batsman. He batted carefully and hit several boundaries. He was out after adding seventy runs to the score. But this all the batsmen were out one by one.

The whole team was out at two hundred and fifty runs. In this way our college team won the match by ten runs only. There was a great rejoicing and clapping. Each team gave three cheers to the other. The players were given a refreshment and we returned talking and laughing.



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