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Essay on Witnessing a street Quarrel

Essay on Witnessing a street Quarrel

Essay on Witnessing a street Quarrel

Introduction- Man and quarrelling are inseparable. We find men and women quarreling everywhere at home, in offices, in society, in government, and so much so that quarrels sometimes even come out on the streets.

Occasion to witness the quarrel- Once I had the occasion of witnessing a quarrel on a street; I had just come out of my house, and as I turned towards the market there I saw a huge crowd in the middle of the road that led to the market. Wondering what could have happened, I also just joined the bandwagon of excited people and forgetting my work. I stood with the rest of the crowd.

Curious to know the reason- stood there for quite some ten minutes but just could not understand what had actually happened. After frittering away some time, I finally asked the people there as to what had happened. The story that followed my query was absolutely shocking and I was all out of my wits fearing all that trash. I just wondered at the pettiness of the human mind that could make such a loud rumpus about a thing that I considered nothing worthy of even talking about.

Story behind the quarrel-The story that emerged was that, one neighbor had hit with a stick the dog of another neighbor. It had so happened that, one Mr. Srivastava dog was playing with a ball on the lane that lay between the rows of flats. Just as the dog was busy hitting the ball while holding it in its paws, Mr. Bedi's son brought his car and drove just brushing close to the little puppy of Mr. Srivastava, even though the pet had not been injured as car drove close to the puppy but that was enough for the two neighbors to come out to the street to settle scores. The quarrel started with the pet puppy that was not even hurt, but continued to bring in its trail, members of both families. Men first started abusing members of each other's family and as public in general enjoys it all, as time passed by, people started coming out of their houses, of their flats and shops, and one after another, thus adding unnecessarily publicity to the commotion caused for nothing. After the men forming a line of battle, women followed suit and several came out to see what was happening and to add to the crowd and noise.

Shocking sight-When I reached the spot the scene that was in front of me just shocked me all out of my wits. I came to know the occasion for the brawl and, behold when I just reached there the two main contestants the two neighbors who had just started with an argument had now come to blows and a volley of abuses started the crowd was also very neatly divided between the two sides, one faction siding each of the fighters. There were abuses, blows and shouting and screeching all the while coming from both the sides one being louder than the other. Emotions ran high and as I stood there, people started tearing at each other's hair, and I just could not believe how, such a small incident could enrage people to such an extent that, they lost all sense of proportion and showed off their ill behavior on the road. To me this depicted man's capacity of making mountains out of molehills. A small altercation which could have, and actually should have ended with an argument may be for a few minutes without any one even knowing about it all became a loud and ugly rumpus though a magnum problem had arisen.

Conclusion-This little street quarrel made me wiser than before and. I started understanding the low depths that human behavior and human relationship have gone to. It was an eye opener and I, for one, promised myself never to behave so vulgarly, like a street urchin.

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Essay Horrors of War or War is an Unmixed Evil

Essay Horrors of War or War is an Unmixed Evil

Essay Horrors of War or War is an Unmixed Evil

Horrors of War
Science has placed unlimited power in the hands of men. Inventions are made for the welfare of human beings, but they are mostly mostly misused. The result is that science has become our greatest enemy. Instead of increasing our happiness, it has brought about death, misery and destruction in the world in the shape of war. 

Modern war causes unimaginable destruction of life and property. The war in the air is still more horrible. Heavy bombardment destroys beautiful buildings dams, cinema, houses, museums, hospitals, railway stations, factories etc. Famine is the menace of war. 

For commerce and industry war is fatal. It kills normal trade and commerce.  During war time, mills and factories produce goods mostly for the army. It has an evil effect on the trade commerce of the countries. War is also very harmful for the progress of art, culture and literature. Things become too dear.

The modern will has a degrading effect on public morals. During the war there is hatred and falsehood everywhere. The feelings of love and sympathy are driven out from the hearts of the people and they kill each other not knowing why. 

In modern wars, all the discoveries and inventions of modern science are used for the destruction of humanity and not for its comfort and happiness. The Aeroplanes are used for dropping bombs. The best machines are used for the production of arms and ammunition. Science has produced horrible weapons like Atom bombs, Hydrogen bombs, tanks, poisonous gases, bomber Aeroplanes, rockets, battle-ships etc. The world had seen the horrors of the recent Gulf war. 

Scientific inventions have increased the horrors of War. War is now fought in laboratories instead of battlefields. Science has changed the weapons of war. We can imagine and shiver at the horrors of a future atomic war.
Essay on Electricity in the Service of Man

Essay on Electricity in the Service of Man

Essay on Electricity in the Service of Man

Electricity in the Service of Man
“Electricity surpasses the old miracles of mythology”
Modern age is an age of science. Many discoveries and inventions have been made to make life comfortable and worth living. Electricity is one of them. It plays an important part in our daily life. It has brought great happiness and prosperity to human beings. Electricity is really a boon to humanity.

Electricity has given us wireless telegraphy. Telephone works with electricity. It helps us in sending or receiving messages all over the world in no time. Telephone enables us to talk to people poles apart. Today electricity is used for running trains, trams and buses. It has shortened time and space. The quick means of transport and communication have enabled different nations of the world to come in close contact with one another.

Radio, television and cinema are the wonderful gifts of electricity. Through radio we can hear songs, stories, dialogues, speeches and the world news. T.V. enables us not only to hear but also to see the face of the singer or the speaker. Cinema has become the cheapest means of recreation. Photography also takes the help of electricity.

In domestic life, electricity is a boon. It does many of our small jobs like an obedient servant. It keeps our houses lighted at all times. It cooks our food, boils our milk and water, washes and irons clothes, cools or heats our rooms and performs many other jobs. Electric fans give us cool air.

In medical field, electricity plays an important role. It is due to electricity that new discoveries and inventions have been made in this field. It curses many diseases. It has been found useful in the treatment of cancer. X-ray is a boon of electricity. It helps in tracing out internal diseases and fracture of bones.

Electricity has proved itself of great use in our industrial development. It turns huge and heavy machines in mills and factories. Big canals and wells can be dug with the help of electricity. We can use the tubewells for irrigation. Electric tools can make bridges and change the courses of rivers.

Electric power has helped a lot in spreading knowledge. It is because of electric power that numberless copies of newspapers, magazines and books are published daily. In this way electric power has provided light not to our homes but to our heads as well.

Thus we see that electricity controls all our activities. There is no field of life which does not bear the stamp of electricity. It is in fact the brightest feather in the cap of science Everyday, it is being put to new uses and it has given good results. Modern civilizations is incomplete without it. 

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Essay on An Ideal Teacher in English

Essay on An Ideal Teacher in English

Essay on An Ideal Teacher in English

Introduction- An Ideal teacher should have many qualities. A student remembers such a teacher for long. The effect of his personality on students lasts long. An ideal teacher is one who is loved and respected by every student. He must try to win the heart of all students. He should try to establish a kind of relationship between himself and his students.

He should be scholar- Ideal teacher should be a scholar. He must have the knowledge of the subject he teaches in the class. He should teach the subjects in an interesting way. He should be able to make the students really interested in their subject. He should express well, he should have a good voice and he must have love for teaching. The students should feel that their minds are growing under his teaching. An ideal teacher deals with the subject well. He makes his subject interesting, too.

He inculcates learning- An ideal teacher is one who makes his students think. He not only passes information to them but also develops love for learning. He activates the minds of his students. He teaches them how to think and grow logical power. He brings into play the hidden mental power of students. He must be a man of ideas. He should explain things in a scholarly and interesting way.

Ideal is all respects- An ideal teacher is ideal in all respects. He does not use words of learned length. He does not use difficult sentences. His language must be clear, easy and simple so that students may understand it. His teaching should be a tonic to the mind. An ideal teacher should be a self respecting man. Thus his students also acquire self-respect and dignity from him.

He should be cultured- An ideal teacher must be a man of culture. He should have a sense of duty and responsibility. He should be honest to himself, to his students and to his profession. Man making is the central function of an ideal teacher. He is an engineer of the soul. In other words, an ideal teacher is a student's friend, philosopher and guide.

Should be sympathetic and polite- Students do not like an unsympathetic and harsh teacher. They can judge the real worth of a teacher within no time. They can make sacrifice for their teacher, if he has created that much confidence in them. They worship a teacher who always remain in partial and treats all his students alike. The worth of a teacher is not measured by them by the number of suits he owns, and by the amount of help which he renders to them. If he is fearless, earnest and sincere in the discharge of his duties and is sympathetic towards his students, then he is bound to be the object of their devotion and admiration. A teacher who always finds fault with the work of his students in an object of fear for them; in their childish games and youthful vigor students do not like checks. If anyone is strict and does not allow them freedom, he becomes object of their criticism. But such a teacher builds up in everlasting impression on the minds of his pupils. Often in their later life they silently worship him as their ideal. So the question of the selection of an ideal teacher does not rise. He is enshrined in the hearts of his students.

Hard task masters are always loved- I had the god fortune of reading in good school and colleges. All the teachers were admired by some and criticized by others. Those who were hardworking and hard task masters were loved and respected by sincere students. Such students showered their praises on those who were lenient and did not care if the students worked or not. From among the various teachers who taught, I would like to mention the two who inspire me even today.

My ideal- I always find the image of Dr. R. K. Sharma before my mind’s eye whenever the word teacher is spoken, his long, erect, healthy body, always smiling face with an angelic expression on it, gives me immense pleasure even today whenever that figure comes to my mind. I don't remember even a single occasion when he did not help me at my request. The vastness of knowledge deeply impressed me. But he was never proud of it. Even after his retirement and in spite of his weak health, he was busy in the pursuit of knowledge. A rare combination of learning and gentleness indeed I shall never be able to forget him. He is always with me and will continue to guide me throughout my life.

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Essay on The Autobiography of A One Rupee Coin

Essay on The Autobiography of A One Rupee Coin

Essay on The Autobiography of A One Rupee Coin 

Introduction- I am a one rupee coin. The story of my birth is very interesting. I had to pass through different process before I came to my present form. In fact, I came into existence by the mixture of different metals. They were taken out from the earth and were purified. They then sent to Alipur mint. Here they were melted and mixed. Gradually after passing through different machines, I acquired my glittering shape. To add to my beauty, my creators put beautiful design on both of my faces. I remained with so many of my brothers and sisters. They were all equally beautiful and attractive.

My childhood-From my very childhood I was out for wandering. From the mint I was sent to a big potential building known as Reserve Bank. 1 did not come here alone, but along with so many others of my brothers and sisters. One unknown person took hold of me. He took me to the market and mercilessly threw me in to the hands of a confectioner. He was even crueler to me. He struck my head on his measuring weight. From here, sometimes I went to the hands of a barber, sometimes to the hands of a vegetable seller, and thus continuously changed hands.

Problem with exchange of hands-But this was not all. Harder time was yet to come. One day, in the process of this exchange of hands, I found myself in the possession of a strange person. He had a stock of my brothers and sisters. He kept us all in a big iron safe. He never took to the market. This period of imprisonment was proved very hard for me. Being fond of wandering, I did not like this life of idleness. Only once a month we were all taken out and counted by the miser; we all kept on waiting anxiously for this day of the month. Gradually, more and more of my brothers and sisters were added to the already big stock. But he never took any of us quit. Day after day’s months after months, and year after years, were passed in this jail.

Day of my Independence- At last the day of my release comes. One day some brave persons came in the night to the miser's home. They with their sharp instrument cut the safe. They put us all in their bags. Those friends distributed us among themselves. My owner exchanged me for wine. Now I was with the wine cellar that had a stock of some of my brothers and sisters. But this man was not like former owner: The miser. This man used to give every one round price like myself to his son. So, I patiently waited for months of my turn.

At last, I along with my other companions was taken out by my banker. He gave me to his youngest son. He with his friends went for a picnic. They all decided to take a dip in the river. When my owner was taking off his shirt, I slipped out of his pocket and fell into the river. I thought that the good old days would never return. But I was given a long lease of life by a fisherman.

Conclusion- With the passing of time, my face was defaced. People hesitated to accept me. Those who took me tested my genuineness in different cruel ways they struck me with full force either in a stone or brick or some piece of metal. I was now fully tired of this disgrace and hard life. I pray daily for death. At last the much awaited day arrived. I was in the hands of a banker. He cut me into two pieces. I was dead now.

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Essay on The Need of Technical Education in India

Essay on The Need of Technical Education in India

Essay on The Need of Technical Education in India

Introduction - Education which provides special practical knowledge and skills, is known as technical education. This is different from ordinary traditional education. It makes the students skilled in agriculture, computer, engineering, medical, driving etc. Those who have special technical skills and knowledge are called technicians. Carpenters, drivers, mechanics, engineers, doctors, pilots etc. are technicians.

Need: India, Our country is rich in terms of natural resources. But still people of our country are poor. We do know how to use natural resources properly. We do not have such young people who can use these resources properly. Only technical and business education gives us expert engineers and technicians. Wee need large number of technicians in our country.

Untrained people can not do their work efficiently. An untrained teacher can not teach as good as the trained teacher can. This situation applies to all. We need qualified and trained people in all businesses. This can only be possible if we give them professional and technical training.

Reduces unemployment: Technical education is very important to solve the problem of unemployment. Skilled people can not be unemployed If they start their own business, then they can provide job opportunities to other educated people. Thus, technical education helps us to reduce the seriousness of the problem of unemployment. Many educated people are unemployed because they do not possess technical knowledge and skills. If they are trained in technical skills and knowledge, then we can develop our country rapidly.

Role in the development of the country: Technical education plays an important role in the development of a country. Technicians are required in every field of construction. Technicians are required to build factories, roads, bridges, canals, buildings, airports etc. If a country has adequate technical knowledge, then the speed of development will undoubtedly be faster. To produce electricity, to work in mines, to grow enough crops and vegetables and so on we need different types of technicians.

Strengthens the economy: Technical education undoubtedly promotes the economic growth of the nation. If there is more production of goods in a country, then it can easily feed its people. Foreign currency can be earned by selling additional produce to other countries. If a country does not have enough technicians, then it has to hire technology from other countries. They have to pay more money to the respective countries. Thus, money goes out of the country. As a result, the country can not develop. It can also be said that the development of the nation depends on the technicians.

Large factories are required for the development of the economy. No industry can be successful in the absence of technically trained people. In the absence of qualified and trained specialists, any country is incomplete. We must give technical education to the youth for industrialization in the country.

Conclusion : It is a good sign that the government is serious about this problem. Thousands of technical education institutes have been opened since independence. The economic progress of any nation depends on the hands of skilled people. For the upliftment of the nation's prosperity, every country should give high priority to technical education.
Essay on Influence of the Cinema on Indian Social Life

Essay on Influence of the Cinema on Indian Social Life

Essay on Influence of the Cinema on Indian Social Life

“ A film must reflect the basic truths of our day to day life. It should be the mirror of our social and moral activities.”

The cinema has a very important place in modern life. It is the cheapest and the most popular form of amusement. In every large city there are several cinema houses. They are mostly full. Young and old, men and women, all like to enjoy a picture.

Different people have different views about the cinema. Young people think that cinema is a pleasure garden. The married couple thinks it is the best source of recreation. The old and the moralists dislike it. They think it as an evil.

The cinema is an important means of recreation. Men, women, old, young and children are eqally interested in seeing films. After hard work in the day a visit to movie removes our dullness.

The cinema has also great educative value. Its share is shaping and educating the public mind in different branches of learning is certainly great. There are indeed many educational films. In the western countries the school-going children are taught many practical lessons in History, Geography, Botany, Chemistry and other branches of learning through them. In the same way art, lilterature and religion can also be taught through the cinema. It is the best audio-visual aid.

The cinema has a great social value. It has become very popular. So it affects the society to a great extent. There are many social pictures which expose the evils of our society. They can greatly help to uproot social evils.

The cinema is also an important means of publicity and propaganda. We are living in the age of science. There is a rapid progress in trade and industry. Much of the development work in the country is shown through the cinema.

The cinema is also an important means of publicity and propaganda. We are living in the age of science. There is a rapid progress in trade and industry. Much of the development work in the country is shown through the cinema.

The cinema suffers from many evils. All the pictures are not educative. Some pictures are obscene. Regular seeing of films makes an adverse effect on our mind, health, purse and time. It weakens our eyes. It has effect on public morals.

The other evil of the cinema is that it increase-s crime. People learn from it new methods of committing crimes. The criminal films make an adverse effect on the young and undeveloped minds. Children lean many crimes from the films.

The standard of the Indian films is generally low. Modern films ignore high ideals and corrupt our taste. Every effort should be made to improve the quality of films. Greater attention should be given to enhance their educative value.
A visit to Historical Building Or The Taj Mahal

A visit to Historical Building Or The Taj Mahal

A visit to Historical Building Or The Taj Mahal

Historical places have special attraction for mankind, they amuse us. They put before us a past glory and an artistic sense.

In India there are several cities, famous for historical buildings. Agra is at the top. It is famous for the Taj Mahal. I am very fond of visiting historical buildings. We four friends decided to visit the Taj at Agra. We hired a tonga and reached the station. The train was to leave at 8 a.m.

There was a great rush on the platform. Vendors were selling hot tea, biscuits, betels and sweets. Everybody was talking and laughing. Just then the bell rang and the train steamed in. All the compartments were packed. Somehow we got good seats. After ten minutes the train started. On the way we saw green fields, forests, trees and cattle. At about 10 a.m. our train reached Raja Ki Mandi station.

We reached the Taj Mahal by city bus. There we purchased tickets and entered through the main gate. On entering we found two lawns. In between there was a long passage. We crossed the passage and reached the white marble tomb. The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world. It stands on the right bank of the river Jamuna. It was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The entire building is built of white marble. The Taj stands on a raised platform. On its four sides there are four lofty minarets.  On the gate of the main building the verses from the holy Koran are engraved.

Inside the tomb there are four graves- two in the upper storey and two in the lower one. The graves in the lower storey are real. There are two mosques in the east and the west of the main tomb. The Taj looks beautiful in the moonlight. It has been rightly described as a ‘Dream in Marble’. People from far and near come to see this most beautiful building.

After spending five hours there we returned by a bus. I was not satisfied with the short visit. I wished to see it again. Visits to historical buildings are very useful. Whenever we get a chance we must visit them. We are proud of our historical buildings, especially the Taj.

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Essay on My Favorite Book Ramcharit Manas with Headings

Essay on My Favorite Book Ramcharit Manas with Headings

Essay on My Favorite Book Ramcharit Manas with Headings

Introduction- I am fond of reading books, I have read a good number of novels, dramas, short stories and poems. Some merely give enjoyment. There are others which leave a deeper impression on the mind. Some books infuse the spirit of nationalism in the reader. But I have not come across a single book so far, which is as good as the Ramcharit Manas of Tulsi Das. Sri Goswami Tulsi Das Ji is the writer of this great epic.

Beauty of the book- Every Indian has read or heard the story of Ram and Sita. The popular story has been narrated in this book in the most beautiful way. The language of the book is Avadhi. We are told in it first the reasons for the birth of Lord Rama. On the insistence of various gods and goddesses he came victorious. This book is divided into various parts. Every part deals with particular aspect of life or performance of Lord Rama. Every Indian likes to hear the famous story of Ramcharit Manas. Some have great faith in it. But my reasons for liking it are quite different. I have found in it, religious, political and social wisdom. It enlightens as well as entertains.

Great teachings to impart- Indeed, it is a true treasure house of rare wisdom. I will give here only some of the reasons which have made this book my favorite. In Hindi literature is stands at the top. Tulsi Das ji has treated all the 'Ras' in it. The beauty lies in the fact, that he has not crossed the limit at any stage. The 'Srinagar Ras' which makes the poetry romantic, has been used with rare skill. The smiles and metaphors stand unparalleled at their own places. The literary pundits maintain that not a single word of a single line can be replaced by any other word. The superiority of the composition of the book is reflected in this statement. The Hindus accept it as a great religious book. It lays down the rules of conduct for all. It makes everyone believe that virtuous are always protected by Lord. The way in which Ravana, the symbol of evil, was defeated is well known to all. How the creator of all, Lord Rama, showered his life on everyone who had a firm faith in him becomes evident from this book. Love to poor and Ram Rajya- The stories of poor old bhilini, 'Shayri and boatman 'Kevat' support this statement. Indeed, as a religious book it cannot be surpassed by any other. The political wisdom of the book is also great. How a good ruler should govern his people becomes clear from the rule of Raja Ram. Even today we aspire to establish Ram Rajya. How a bad ruler becomes the object of Contempt of everyone is revealed by the example of Ravana.

True justice- The way Ram won over the support of Sugriv, Hanuman, and the brother of Ravana, is a good lesson to learn. Many such grains of wisdom are hidden in this great book. Besides, the book reflects the 'height of progress which India reached in ancient time. We can proud of it even today. In social sphere we learn the importance of self-sacrifice. The sacrifice of Rama for his father, brother and people is unique. Sita has become the symbol of Indian womanhood; Lakshman and Bharat are the examples of good brothers. How the voice of the people should be respected above everything else by a king is shown by the renunciation of Sita by Ram. The achievements of science of those days are yet to be matched by the present day scientists.

Conclusion- All these qualities make the book a superb piece of literature. One book may be good from one point of view. Another one may be good from some other point of view. Ramcharit Manas is the book which is good in numerous ways. It is my friend philosopher and guide. I always like to read it.
Essay on Importance of Communication

Essay on Importance of Communication

Essay on Importance of Communication

Communication is a very integral component of daily existence for all beings. Not only humans, but animals also do communicate with each other. Without communication, the world would have been a bigger conundrum, an anarchic planet. Talking with the means of a language is communication, yet within a limited periphery. But over the centuries humankind have had tried and developed a lot of devices and means to talk or communicate over distant places. Since the early ages until today there had been an array of means tried, used and evolved for better and faster modes of communicating.

The telephone appeared in 1876, which was definitely a ground breaking revolutionary step for the world of communication or perhaps, telecommunication. The first cross continental telephone call was made in 1914. Television appeared in 1925 and the commercial radio in 1920. The first internet started in 1969, which was known as the ARPANET and in 1966, the first successful fax machine was invented by America's Xerox multinational corporation.

Means of communication always appeared slow for the generations of people who have always been heading towards a fleet-footed world. It is with the development of the e-mail that the world of communication received its ultimate push of rapidity and instantaneousness. With the e-mail, any

Message could be sent and received within the pulse of a heart time. It is so fast that its invention had truly made the world a microcosm. The significance lies in the evolution of e-mail from a file sharing medium for a limited number of people to a remarkable medium of worldwide communication.

It was in 1961 when the first file-sharing system was demonstrated by some developers at MIT, where users could connect to an IBM host computer through a dial-up connection, and then store and share files with other users who would connect to the same host computer. Four years later, modifications were applied to the system that allowed users connecting to the system to send messages to other users and thus appeared the electronic-mail mode of communication.

With the commencement of social networking, there also appeared alongside the communicating system of chatting. Chatting allows two or more individuals to come together to talk inside chat room, which is a virtual software or instant messenger. Chatting is today a very popular medium over internet that helps people living miles away stay connected whether it is business friends, family, Personal friends, etc. People here often get to meet and introduce themselves to new people from near and far places and befriend them. But there is also a spook of stalkers and predators that may be detrimental. A careful eye is therefore always indispensable while chatting.

This wonderful creation of chatting also has a history that goes back to 1988, when a person named Jarkko “Wiz” Oikarinen of the University of Oulu, Finland created the first chat client.

Chatting can be done through various methods on the internet. A few are web-based chatting which involves websites and chat rooms to chat amongst each other. These types generally require an account with a username and password to enter the website. Chatting today can also be done through webcams where the users can see each other and chat.

While using the chat, people should always bear in mind few things which in the language of the internet are known as the chatiquette which defines the basic rules of online communication. For example, it is considered rude to write in the upper case as it appears like the user is shouting at the other. One must also not use vulgar or disrespectful language while chatting with another user.

Now-a-days there are users who use the chat room to prey on younger children or girls or to steal user information. There are also rooms for identity theft or internet stalking which can be fatal. The children must be counseled on the use of the chat room and monitored carefully. One must therefore be a little more careful to look around and distinguish the evilness among everything. It is often better to keep the identity details clandestine and confined to oneself in order to make a safe use of the chat.

Communication has progressed formidably since the age of the smoke signals and flying pigeons. It is a fast moving world and communication facilities also need to be quite rapid. The e-mails and chats are faster versions of communication for a rapidly moving world. They are today no more confined to only fun and entertainment, but to an indispensability communicating at an instant from one corner of the globe to another while making lives easier and better in this evolutionary world.

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Essay on The Educational Value of Travelling

Essay on The Educational Value of Travelling

Essay on The Educational Value of Travelling

Introduction- In book we read only of ideas, thoughts and experiences of other men. The knowledge thus acquired is theoretical. In day-to-day life, we cannot be successful with mere theoretical knowledge. We must also know about the habits, manners and ways of living of other persons. We can learn about others by coming in contact with them. Travelling takes us from the field of bookish knowledge to the field of practical knowledge. traveling makes us a more empathetic and interesting person. It forces us outside your comfort zone, which teaches us certain things about ourselves that are actually more beneficial than any lesson available at business school or in textbook.

A Chance to Try New Things : While you may branch out at home from time to time by trying new restaurants or splurging on expenditures, traveling pushes you out of the comfort zone and forces you -- for better or worse -- to try new things! Even if you don't enjoy your first attempt at scuba diving, at least you'll be able to relate in a new way the next time you see it in a movie or hear someone talking about it. Becoming a well-rounded individual enhances self-confidence and will help you find new material for conversation in social settings with a wider variety of people.

Meet New People : A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles said Tim Cahill. You'll meet far more friendly people on the road than you will under ordinary circumstances at home. Other travelers are always looking to share experiences, give tips on places to go, and meet people from all over. Striking up a conversation with other travelers is extraordinarily easy.

Teaches To Be More Patient : Travel can involve a lot of waiting. You'll wait in lines, for flights or at restaurants. Learning how to cope with those waits, how to make conversation with those you're waiting with and how to stay calm in frustratingly slow situations will teach you how to remain patient and calm in all situations.

Language Education : Travel often enhances language skills, since in travel they become a matter of necessity. Interpreting gestures will lead you to learn new words, as well as local colloquialisms. You can either practice your existing skills as you move about a country, or stay in one place for a time to enroll in a language-immersion program.
Essay on A visit to a Factory with Headings

Essay on A visit to a Factory with Headings

Essay on A visit to a Factory with Headings

Introduction- All children are fond of cold drinks i.e. Soft Drink. I had no idea how it is made. I had heard that Cocacola has a huge cola factory in our city. I was very eager to see this factory for a long time. One day I requested my dad to take me to the factory. He agreed to me. Fortunately one of his friends was a big officer in this factory. So he allowed us to visit the factory and gave a definite date of arrival.

Views about factory- We reached the factory gate at the right time on the due date. We were received by the staff of the factory. Firstly we were shown a factory powerhouse. This powerhouse was used to produce the necessary electricity for all the departments of the factory. Then they took us straight to the plant. They not only told us how the Soft Drink is made but also showed us the process. We saw various ingredients which are used to make Soft Drink. filtered water, carbon dioxide gas; sugar and cocoa together with some chemicals are mixed in different stages in the plant.

Manufacturing process- An important feature of the manufacturing process was making the water absolutely clean in the water treatment plant. It was amazing to see how careful the workers were in their job. Everything was automatic and systematic. Bottles were thoroughly cleaned by a large automatic bottle washer. After the bottles were filled, they were crowned automatically.

Laboratory- After seeing the production we were taken to the laboratory. There a scientist who explained us the various tests required for quality control and showed us the instruments used for this work. From there we went to the view room. There, each of us was given a treat, a bottle of Soft Drink and snacks. We enjoyed the cold drink and an interesting video film.

Conclusion- We thanked the kind and courteous people at the factory for showing us around and for the drinks and snacks. While starting in the morning we thought that it would be only picnic, but it turned out to be very educative too. I would confess that I was feeling somewhat jealous of the lucky workers of the factory. So I asked one of them that he should be having Soft Drink whenever thirsty. He surprised me with his reply that he never takes soft drink. He added that it is perhaps similar to a sweetmeats shop where the owner never feels like eating his own sweets.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Essay on A day When Everything Went Wrong for Class 5, 6, 7, 8

Essay on A day When Everything Went Wrong for Class 5, 6, 7, 8

Essay on A day When Everything Went Wrong for Class 5, 6, 7, 8

“Joy and sorrow are woven fine.
A clothing for the soul Divine.”
Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. It is a natural cycle but there happen some incident in life which ever remain fresh in memory.
Suresh was my bosom friend. His marriage was to be celebrated on 12th May, 1995. The date was decided in a hurry as per wish of the father of the girl. The girl’s father lived in Kota. It was very far from Mathura. The journey was to be covered by a bus. It was a very busy date. We had to go to so many bus-owners. After a long search bus –owner agree. The marriage party had to start at 2 a.m. A day before we had been to every person who was to join the party. Even then it was with great difficulty that we were able to collect all by this time after so many rounds. Lunch packets were prepared in advance. Suresh’s younger brother was in-charge of this arrangement. Somehow the bus started at 5 a.m. We felt very happy and started singing joyfully.

We were nearing Bayana. All of a sudden the bus stopped. The engine had stopped to work. All of us got down from the bus. It took two hours to put the engine to order. We boarded the bus. The bus started. We decided to take our lunch wherever water facility could be available. We saw a ‘Dharamshala’ on the outskirts of a village. We decided to take our lunch there. The bus stopped. All of us got down. To our utter confusion we saw lunch packets were not in the bus. Suresh’s brother had forgotten them in the store-room. All of us were very hungry and felt very much annoyed. With great difficulty we could get something to eat. At last, the bus burst. The driver and the conductor fitted the stepney. It took one hour to do it. The bus started. We reached Kota at 7 p.m. We were eagerly awaited. We bathed and got dainty dishes to eat which were devoured soon.

Now it was time to send ornaments and other items for the bride. The ornament box was not there in the box. Suresh’s father was very much confused. The matter was brought to the knowledge of the bride’s father. He was a wise man. He took it lightly. All the rites were performed without much trouble. The next morning we left for Mathura. The day is still fresh in my memory. 

Friday, 8 March 2019

Essay on Strikes and lock outs : Great disturbance in Day-to-Day life

Essay on Strikes and lock outs : Great disturbance in Day-to-Day life

Essay on Strikes and lock outs : Great disturbance in Day-to-Day life

Introduction- Strikes and lockouts are common things today. They are part of industrial life. A lockout is a temporary work stoppage or denial of employment initiated by the management of a company during a labor dispute. That is different from a strike in which employees refuse to work. It is said strike is a revolution, lock out is counter revolution" workers go on strike for higher wages. Employers resort to lock-out as counter measure.

Difference between Lockouts and strike : The difference between a strike and a lockout is that a strike is when employees refuse to work for their employer in the hopes of getting additional compensation or better working conditions, whereas a lockout is when an employer temporarily denies employment to the employees.

  • Dispute relating to minimum wages.
  • Salary and incentive issues.
  • Increment is not up to the performance.
  • Dissatisfaction with the policies of the company.
  • Hours of work and interval timings.
  • Holidays and leaves with pay.
  • Bonus, Provident Fund, and gratuity.
  • Withdrawal of any facility or allowance.
  • Wrongful dismissal of workmen.

  • Disputes or clashes in between workers and the management.
  • Unrest, disputes or clashes in between workers and workers.
  • Illegal strikes, regular strikes or continuous strikes by workers may lead to lockout of factory or industry.
  • External environmental disturbance due to unstable governments, may lead to lockouts of factories or industries.
  • Continuous or accumulated financial losses of  factory or industry, may lead to opt lockout by the management. 
  • Maybe lockout, if any company involves in any fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • Failure in maintaining proper industrial relations, industrial peace and harmony.

1.LOSS OF WAGES : Employees do not work when they are on strike, hence no income generation on their side but simply just small allowances from the union. 
2.PHYSICAL INJURY OR DEATH : During strikes normally people’s live are at risk, a strike often turns into violent protests and people get injured. The injuries may become so serious that results to loss of lives. 
3.ADVERSE EFFECT ON CARRIER : A strike has an impact on employee’s carrier, employees may be perceived differently with other employers due to the strike. A strike can also lead to potential job losses. 
4.Poor relationship between employee and employer 5.Economic losses

  • Damages to machines and equipments 
  • It impacts the image of the company 
  • Poor relationship between employer and employee affect the productivity of employees Decreased profit since there is no production 
  • Burden of fixed expenses
HOW TO MINIMISE THE DAMAGE CAUSED BY A STRIKE : Employees should allow the business to continue to run in order to avert the likelihood of a closure that could result in job losses. Employers should use the services of a reputable labour broker who can provide alternative labour during the strike. Both parties should behave in a civil and professional manner towards each other.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Essay on Democracy in India in English

Essay on Democracy in India in English

Essay on Democracy in India in English

Introduction- India is a democratic country. It is the biggest democracy in the world. Democracy is the rule of the people. It is government of the people, for the people, by the people. So people’s will is supreme in democracy. The government is run by the elected representative of the people sitting in parliament. The constitution defines the power of the government.

Democracy and its functioning- The proper functioning of democracy depends upon the electoral system. People elect their representative. They are elected for a period of five years. But there are certain defects in this type of system. Voters are in a large number. Elections are costly affairs. We require both men and material to fight election so only rich political party can set up candidates. The result is that wealthy classes and parties enjoy undue advantages. At times several other factors like castes and religions play an important part in elections. Corruption, booth capturing and fears play an important part in elections today. Elections are not free and fair in some parts of the country.

Success of Democracy- However democracy is the best form of government. But the success of democracy depends upon free election on some principles. Money should not play an undue part in holding elections. Voters should not be terrorized. Booths should not be captured. The elements of castes and religions should not be deciding factors in electing candidates. The future of democracy in India is bright though it faces some problems at times. But we should not forget in India democracy faces many dangers. The ignorance of the masses is the greatest danger then, there is the rigid caste system. People vote only for the candidate of their caste. Our people care little for their duties. They always shout for more rights. But for the success of democracy duties are more important than rights.

Causes that weakened the country- Linguistic quarrels have weakened the country violent trends are visible in every sphere. Terrorism is on the increase. But violence and democracy do not go together. Democracy implies that problems and difference should be solved peacefully. Violence shows lack of faith in democracy.

Save democracy- It becomes necessary to safeguard democracy against all these dangers. There has been misuse of democracy as in emergency. But the experience with democracy shows that Indian people are democratic by nature. But they must be educated and taught that freedom in democracy does not mean indiscipline. Violence is the very negation of democracy. Rights and duties are two sides of same coin. Education in democracy is essential for its success.

Conclusion- A stage has reached when no single party is able to get absolute majesty in the centre and in some states as well. Regional parties are dominating the scene and the parties are forming coalition, their one point program being either to secure power or to keep a particular party out of office by any means, fair or foul. Corruption and bribery has become order of the day. The two party systems, as England and other democracies, have not get evolved in India violent incidents have been noticeable for sometimes in different parts of the country. Shortly after the elections in 1971, there was a demand for the dissolution of the state legislates in Gujarat and the functioning of the government was made impossible. This very pattern of violent agitation was repeated in Bihar. Such violent agitations show a lack of faith in democracy. Prices rose high and corruption was widespread. It is for all these reasons that someone has rightly said that in India, Democracy means

“The Government of the chair, by the chair and for the chair”